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About Us

The KJBF started with a South African jazz enthusiast & creative arts teacher, Dennis Cox, who held a teaching position at Kiama High School. He formed a Jazz Club with other friends and they started hosting gigs


This evolved over time to being the Kiama Jazz Festival & eventually to the Kiama Jazz & Blues Festival - now clocking up 37 years.


The KJBF is and always has been volunteer run and relies on support in the form of funding, sponsorship, generosity, creativity & community. 


It is built from love & is cherished by all. It is a signature Kiama event that is generous in its belief in the live music experience & shines a spotlight on the musicians, the ever evolving genres of music that refuse to sit down & our beautiful cohesive township & it's location.

For the LOVE of MUSIC

All our musicians are selected from an application process & paid properly - we totally love what they bring to the Festival. 


Our local businesses are showcased & become our venues. They contribute to have their musicians & you, in turn, gratefully & lavishly buy food, drinks, and generally appreciate their efforts.


This Festival requires a lot of love, time, commitment and value to create & share - it is almost its own entity and we welcome you to be part of the fun.


If you would like to be part of the team, have a comment or want to know how you can be a partner of this beautiful organism please contact us :)


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