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Sevenmarks Gallery

Music and Art come together at the amazing Sevenmarks Gallery. Listen to some tunes, have a drink, and view Sevenmarks current exhibition:


By Mathew Heaney

Location: 7 Marks St, Kiama

When: Friday 10th March 2023 5-7 PM

Art: EAST COAST LOW by Mathew Heaney

Music: Francisco Sonur

An East Coast low brings a change of atmosphere, anticipation/electricity in the air.

These 16 paintings explore the potential of experience and open up a conversation between two distinct areas – Inside and Outside. The inside of an artist in the studio and the outside facade.

Sevenmarks Gallery is a contemporary space dedicated to delivering compelling art experiences through the promotion of both established and experimental artists.

Bridging the gap between the private studio and the public experience, Sevenmarks is reshaping the gallery experience.

Sevenmarks will also open Saturday 11th March 2023 - 10AM-5PM KJBF weekend!


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