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Laced with influence from contemporary improvised music, Anoesis’s original sound is complex and spontaneous. Drawing inspiration and energy from the post-bop jazz of the 60s, world music, rock, folk and electronica. Young, talented & recent award winners in the Bucharest International Jazz Competition.



Benji's music is infused with Pacific flavours & the raw sounds of the Australian East Coast. When you hear him solo, his beautifully poignant lyrics are unmistakable and mesmerising. Benji has played at numerous acclaimed festivals & has a solid following. World music with a gentle blues edge that captivates & inspires.

Bobby Longstaff 


Bobby has a style that encapsulates blues, neo-soul, jazz and a raw narrative-driven folk. As a songwriter he can bring a tear to the eye one minute, and generate laughter the next. An engaging storyteller with a stunning singing voice, Bobby is a multi-instrumentalist who has the ability to light up the room.




BurningSockMonkey is an Electronic Acoustic (Elekoustika) project concept conceived collectively by Jazz trumpeters Paul Armstrong and Ash Hall. The project is developed on the idea of “Music Ficta” or loosely translated,  “The ear is the final arbiter”. 

Don’t forget to bring your ear holes and an open mind.

Cosmic Blues Train

Cygan Groove

Cosmic Blues Train is an alt-groove blues style with a twist of atmospheric soundscape that comes deep from within country. George Bishop is the supanova element of this cosmic outfit that brings Dan Bennett, Gray Read and friends  into our universe. Always expect to be transported by these musicians. All aboard!


Blue Background

Fronted by the classic combination of guitar and violin, this frenetic five-piece is sure to baffle and delight. Allow yourself to be transported back to the old-world glamour of the 1940’s whilst still enjoying the contemporary flair of the modern world. Be astounded by Cygan Groove’s  versatility and talent.

Daddy Longlegs and the Swamp Donkeys

Daddy Longlegs rides again! Astride the smokey mud stained rhythms of the Swamp Donkeys, the auburn vagabond has come to spread his 'Gut Butter Blues' and wild mating dance rituals. Dirty, wacky and not to be missed.



Daryl James

Daryl James.jpg

Declan Kelly

Declan Kelly_edited.jpg

Maori mother and Irish father - Declan’s music is heavily influenced by the mix of cultures - weaving together the story telling of traditional Irish folk music, with Polynesian harmonies, rhythm, drumming, and blues n roots music into his singer/songwriter style. 

Gritty psych/blues fused with raw acoustic roots, with an undeniably funky undercurrent of Ska and hip-hop. Captivating live performances, thought provoking lyrics and down to earth, soulful songs. This guy is blues evolving, come &  see for yourself.


Dom Turner’s (Backsliders) Rural Blues Project

Multi award winning Blues Artist,  Dom Turner brings us The Rural Blues Project.  Dom presents a mix of upbeat raw electric rural blues songs—from Charley Patton to Lead Belly, Fred McDowell to RL Burnside—as well as originals. Joining Dom is the legendary drummer Rosscoe Clarke (Foreday Riders, Cyril B Bunter) and special guests.




Garfish is the brainchild of trumpet player Nick Garbett (The Vampires, The Strides) & is a dedicated meditation on the instrumental style pioneered by old world Jamaican masters; where jazz language meets the Afro-Caribbean rhythms of Kingston Jamaica. Garfish features some of Sydney’s most creative and groovy musicians and is a Festival treat.


Jason Bruer & Hammerhead

Jason Bruer's powerhouse sextet Hammerhead is nationally acclaimed. With melodies that you can hold onto, grooves that get under your skin and an electricity that reminds you you're alive. High quality arranging, the counterpoint created within the horn and rhythm sections - jazz lovers - get along to this special gig.




Jay Howie

Jay brings it -  with undeniable guitar ability, matched only by his raw vocal palette . Lyrics echoing insightful and heartfelt storytelling. Jay blends traditional acoustic blues with a gutsy rock undertone to create a style of earthy, rootsy tones that will fill a room. 



Kid Hank

Kid Hank uses a repertoire consisting of a mix between creole-clave based jazz, as well as a standard steamboat swing. If you’re lucky, an old rag-time tune might be thrown in to add a little spice to the swimming pool of musical gumbo. Whatever style it is, it’s guaranteed to surprise and get you dancing! So FUN!!



Lux Trevis 

This captivating one-man band channels multi- instrumental grooves with the help of a loop pedal and a whole lot of talent. Funky basslines, dreamy soundscapes and breakbeats are layered opening space for saxophone, flute and guitar solos. Get ready for a jaw-dropping boogie



Manson Family Values

Dustbowl desert rockers,  Manson Family Values blend psychedelic guitars of Spacemen 3, Kurt Vile tales & the wide- open spaces of a Neil Young record. The Family crafts murder ballads about the occult, environmental collapse & drunken cowboys. These are folk songs for the apocalypse


Mike Nock, Hamish Stuart, Julien Wilson and Jonathan Zwartz 

Four luminaries of the Australian jazz scene. This celebrated Australian jazz supergroup made waves with their critically acclaimed debut album 'This World.’ It is with great honour that we bring Mike Nock, a long time friend of the Festival, to celebrate our 35th  year.